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Aroma massage

Aromatherapy massage relieves muscle tension and improves blood and lymph circulation. Thanks to traditional oriental aromas and oils, deep relaxation takes place, clarity of mind is restored, energy flow is normalised throughout the body, toxin elimination is improved and skin elasticity is restored. The result is an activation of the whole body's energy system, harmonised physical and mental well-being, improved immunity and efficiency.

The secret of aromatherapy is the combination of two healing methods, each of which is good in its own right - classical western massage and aromatherapy. Aromatic massage ensures the rapid penetration of essential oils into the lymphatic and nervous systems, activating the body's defences. Essential oils have a positive effect on the respiratory and nervous systems, the liver and the intestines.

During the massage, the whole body is relaxed.

After an aromatic massage, you will feel refreshed and see your body become younger.

Hot stone massage

Stone massage, or stone therapy, is the therapeutic use of hot and cold stones. Massage with hot stones allows a very deep relaxation.

It is an ancient method of relaxation and healing. Everything new is the old well forgotten. Ancient civilisations believed that stones were powerful. The ancient Romans and Greeks used hot stones in medicine, and the Indians also believed in the power of stone.

The massage is performed with basalt stones, formed from hardened magma after a volcanic eruption. Born from the earth, polished with water, sun and wind, the stone is a source of natural energy. The stones are heated up to 50 degrees, taking into account each person's individual sense of temperature.

The energy of the warm stones, complemented by the scent of essential oils, brings mental and physical balance.

Aroma massage treatment includes:

  • 60 minutes
  • 90 minutes

The hot stone massage includes:

  • 60 minutes
  • 90 minutes


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